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CogStack - Unlock the power of healthcare

A healthcare application framework

CogStack is a healthcare suite  with interchangeable modules for analysing clinical data using AI to draw insights from text in or documents in an Electronic Health Records.  (i.e. binary word docs, PDFs, images, text).

Wide range of features include Generative AI, Natural Language Processing, Full Search, Alerting, Cohort Selection, Population Health Dashboards, Deep Phenotyping and Clinical Research.

Proven technology in real world healthcare and fully flexible across any part of modern healthcare that relies on data

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Countries Deployed

350 million

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How can CogStack help you?

CogStack technologies have been deployed and integrated successfully across a range of use cases and problem areas.

What’s needed

To increase the volume and efficiency of clinical coding for inpatients and outpatients

CogStack solution

CogStack Language AI has broad generalisability and can be further tuned to specific specialties as required

Case study

A large acute care NHS Trust identified £15M of additional income for outpatient procedure coding and £1M for in-patient coding per speciality.

What’s needed

To better understand patient populations, the key areas for improvement or where there is under performance.

CogStack solution

CogStack dashboards utilise structured and unstructured data to create interactive, actionable Visualisations and dashboards of your data

Case study

>300 healthcare professionals within SLaM are now able to identify gaps and manage the care needs of their patients with serious mental illness leading to improved physical health outcomes.

What’s needed

To use your wealth of EHR data for clinical research, to facilitate life sciences commercial research such as clinical trial matching or post market surveillance.

CogStack solution

CogStack technologies ingest and structure your data making it usable for all varieties of downstream clinical research activity.

Case study

During the covid-19 pandemic, KCH was able to expedite recruitment into trials such as COVID-CNS (8x more patients recruited than other sites) and generate insights into risks associated with severe outcomes which guided UK policy.

What’s needed

Investigate usage of the latest innovative technologies such as generative AI in areas such as clinical decision support, patient trajectory modelling, summarisation and digital twins.

CogStack solution

CogStack R & D has significant experience in executing applied clinical AI research – using real world data in building, testing and integrating bleeding edge AI solutions.

Case study

The CogStack Foresight Gen AI model is used by teams of researchers for counterfactual modelling, digital twins and trial emulation.

Unlock the Potential of Healthcare Data with CogStack

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CogStack Information Retrieval & Extraction Platform

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