About CogStack

CogStack is composed of a range of adaptable modular interoperable tools which introduce tiered functionality which can be used for a variety of use-technologies:

Centralise and lake clinical data including structured data i.e. observations, results, and unstructured data i.e. clinical narratives such as clinic letters, discharge and admission summaries and radiology reports also varying formats e.g. binary word docs, PDFs, images.

Search and visualise millions of distinct data points in near-real-time – ‘unlocking’ capabilities that would otherwise have taken days or months previously.

Natural Language Processing of clinical text to standardised clinical terminologies (SNOMED-CT) for interoperable clinical data combined with semantic context. This allows cohorting based on “find all patients with a heart attack”, regardless of how this has been referred to in the clinical text, such as “patient had myocardial infarct”, “MI“, “infarct of heart”, “cardiac infarct” and distinguishing “the patient’s father had a MI”.

Deep phenotyping using NLP allows accelerated NHS clinical coding, disease registry submissions and advanced cohorting for observational studies.

Population health dashboards for combining data from structured and text components of the electronic health record to track patient outcomes, enhance patient safety and improve patient care.

Advanced analytics using generative AI for virtual trial emulation, high-dimensional patient or disease modelling and digital patient twins.


CogStack Team

The CogStack team are an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, clinicians, academic researchers with deep technical and domain expertise with decades in their respective fields.

  • PhD Clinical NLP
  • Prev Google – Software Engineer
  • Prev Goldman Sachs – Software Engineer / Data Scientist  / NLP expert
  • Managed global development teams in industry
  • Managed NHS AI Lab £1.5M funding for CogStack maturation at 5 Trusts
  • Professor of Medical Informatics, King’s College London & University College London
  • 15 years experience in developing data & AI with the NHS
  • International Leadership roles for National Text Analytics programme, Health Data Research UK; OLS Mental Health Mission; major Horizon-2020 industry-academic programmes; NIHR programmes
  • Advisory roles for UK national strategy, policy and UKRI funding
  • >450 peer-reviewed papers on healthcare informatics,
  • Professor of Neurology, Oxford graduate, PhD from UCL
  • > 10 years’ clinical experience in NHS
  • Extensive experience implementing data and AI technologies in NHS
  • Key opinion leader with regular invited speaker to healthcare IT industry conference
    (Rewired, Digital Health, HETT); media interviews (BBC, Evening Standard); expert
    opinion for UK national policy agencies on health AI
  • Member of NHS Health Research Authority Confidentiality Advisory Group
  • Expert advisor for NICE Health Technology Appraisals
  • Head of NHS Digital Innovation Guys & St Thomas’
  • Expert knowledge of NHS C-suite
  • Developed £400M+ business cases for the largest ever multi-NHS Trust EPR deployment programme
  • Previous Civil Servant working across multiple high-profile policy areas
  • LLB (Hons), MSc International Politics and Economics
  • >8 Years experience within the NHS
  • Expert knowledge of clinical coding process, data quality, waiting list triage issues that are of the highest national priority.
  • Identified £20M in unrealised revenue for GSTT via CogStack deployed tools.
  • MSC. in Data Science

Anthony Shek, PhD

NLP Engineer: GSTT

Vitaliy Oliynik

Software Engineer:  GSTT

Zeljko Kraljevic

Research Fellow: KCL

Vlad Dinu

Software / NLP Engineer: KCL

Mart Ratas, PhD

Software / NLP Engineer: KCL

Adam Sutton, PhD

Software / NLP Engineer: KCL

Shubham Agarwal

Software / NLP Engineer: KCL

Tao Wang, PhD

Software Engineer / Clinical Informatics Researcher: KCL / SLaM

Yamiko Msosa, PhD

Software Engineer / Clinical Informatics Researcher: KCL / SLaM

Jack Wu, PhD

Software engineer / Clinical data scientist: KCH

Anwar Alhaq, PhD

KCH CogStack Lead: KCH

David Brawand

AI and Bioinformatics Lead: KCH

Mohammad Al-Agil

Senior Data Analyst: KCH

Samora Hunter

Senior Data Analyst: KCH

Dr, Josh Au Yeung

Clinical AI Researcher: KCH

Kawsar Noor, PhD

Software / NLP Engineer: UCL / UCLH

Xi Bai

Software / NLP Engineer: UCL / UCLH

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