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CogStack has been selected as one of 12 start-ups to watch in HealthTech by venture investors across UK and EU. 2024 is the year where digital and AI transformation accelerates

Government’s Fairness Innovation Challenge will test CogStack’s LLM’s for bias​

UK Dept of Science Innovation and Technology

A solution will be designed to address bias and discrimination in healthcare using the CogStack Foresight Generative AI model. The project will mitigate bias in early warning systems used to predict cardiac arrest in hospital wards using Neuro-Symbolic approaches, and be a template for socio-technical solutions for bias and discrimination in partnership with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the […]

CogStack cover story in Intelligent Health Tech 2024

CogStack is featured as a case study in the use of technology, AI and health data for improving the efficiency of hospitals through the use of unstructured data. In partnership with Elastic. Click here for the Full Article.

CogStack presenting at Dept of Health and Social Care AI roundtable

CogStack showcasing NHS-innovation at the Dept of Health and Social Care AI roundtable. CogStack was able to proudly represent the opportunities for the NHS of Language AI in Healthcare, using home-grown NHS technologies. With thanks from NHSX and the National Institutes of Health Research.

CogStack Foresight is the featured AI for the Fairness Innovation Challenge led by Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation and Information Commissioner’s Office

Global AI regulation is extremely topical with the Global AI Summit at Bletchley Park in November 2023. CogStack is part of the national conversation with AI regulators like Information Commissioner’s Office and the Equality and Human Rights Commission at the The Royal Society to discuss a landmark initiative of the Centre for Data Ethics and […]

Benefiting patients using CogStack AI in multiple leading London Hospitals

Leading U.K. hospitals use CogStack platform, powered by Elastic and Language AI, that improves patient care, clinical trial recruitment, service planning, and clinical research. We are proud to work with our technology partner Elastic to show the potential for unstructured data and modern data analytics in healthcare.

CogStack Information Retrieval & Extraction Platform

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