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Simon C Williams, Kawsar Noor, Siddharth Sinha, Richard JB Dobson, Thomas Searle, Jonathan P Funnell, John G Hanrahan, William R Muirhead, Neil Kitchen, Hala Kanona, Sherif Khalil, Shakeel R Saeed, Hani J Marcus, Patrick Grover

Zeljko Kraljevic, Dan Bean, Anthony Shek, Rebecca Bendayan, Harry Hemingway, Joshua Au Yeung, Alexander Deng, Alfred Baston, Jack Ross, Esther Idowu, James T Teo*, Richard J B Dobson*

Msosa, Yamiko Joseph; Codling, David; Wang, Tao; Broadbent, Matthew; Roberts, Angus; Harland, Robert; McGuire, Philip; Stewart, Rob; Dobson, Richard JB;

Wu, J; Biswas, D; Seale, T; Bean, D; Fairhurst, N; Kaye, G; Dobson, R; Chowienczyk, P; Shah, A; O’gallagher, K; European Heart Journal, 2023


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